Expected results

• The project plans to apply and demonstrate climate-smart forestry measures in Slovakia and Bulgaria on 1,793 ha.

• Handbook on climate-smart forestry measures relevant for the region of the Central and Eastern Europe will be elaborated.

• Management plans and programming documents will be revised in demonstration sites resp. project countries to include climate-smart forestry measures.

• 3 replication cases on at least 200 ha will be assisted in a project region till the end of the project.

• Remote sensing system for the observation of forest health will be established on the area managed by SWSFE partner.

• Water retention measures to improve forest resilience will be applied on 140 ha in the forests of Šaštín forest enteprise (part of FSR partner).

• 7 study tours, 3 technical workshops, 2 conferences and about 20 events for private owners in Hungary will be organized for forestry professional from CEE region.

• 10 trips for public and 10 media events will be organized, 50 press releases will be published and 2 project videos will be elaborated.