Project objectives

The overall goal of the project is to improve the management of forests in Central and Eastern Europe by fostering transition to climate-smart forestry for the benefit of people and nature.
Project specific objectives include:

• Review (proofing) of selected forest management models currently applied in the Central and Eastern European region from the viewpoint of climate change.

• Demonstrate application of the climate-smart forestry measures in project demonstration sites in 3 countries of the Central and Eastern European region (Bulgaria, Hungary and Slovakia).

• Foster inclusion of climate-smart forestry measures into relevant planning documents related to forest management and / or nature conservation on local and national level (such as forest management plans, nature management plans) as well as into programming documents for EU Regional Funds.

• Increase awareness on climate-smart forestry methods among professional forresters and other relevant professional groups (researchers, conservationists) in the Central and Eastern European region.

• Transfer experience from project demonstration sites and replicate climate-smart forestry methods in other areas in the Central and Eastern Europe region, e.g. in Ukraine).

• Gain support of the public for climate-smart forestry by increasing awareness on forests and the climate change.