General information

Forests of the Central and Eastern Europe Region represent an important natural resource. Their importance will likely to increase in the near future. It is not just because of increasing demand for wood (for energy production, bioplastics, etc.), but also due to increasing awareness of the society about ecosystem services provided by forests. Although the economic and social demands are sometimes in conflict, the ability of the forests to provide these services is nowadays threatened by climate change. The current forest management will need to adapt to climate change to mitigate its negative effects (such as drought, increased water run-off, soil erosion, etc.), and increase the resilience of forests instead.


Project title: Climate-Smart Forest Management for Central and Eastern Europe (CLIMAFORCEELIFE)
Project number: LIFE19 CCA/SK/001276
Project period: 01/09/2020 – 31/12/2027
Total budget: 5,587,063 EUR
EU financial contribution: 2,969,208 EUR
Beneficiaries: WWF Slovakia (Coordinating Beneficiary), WWF Bulgaria, WWF Hungary, WWF Romania, Czech University of Life Sciences, Forests of the Slovak Republic, National Association of Private Forest Owners and Forest Managers from Hungary, Southwestern State Forest Enterprise of Bulgaria.