The CLIMAFORCEELIFE project was presented at WWF Hungary’s volunteer training

On 15-16 October 2022, WWF Hungary organized its autumn volunteer training in Pénzesgyőr where the foundation’s volunteers got to know the CLIMAFORCEELIFE project. Pál Bódis, WWF Hungary’s Forest Program expert and project coordinator of the CLIMAFORCEEELIFE in Hungary, presented the project’s objectives. Afterwards, during a tour led by Pál Bódis, participants could learn about the natural ecological and forest dynamic processes of a forest. They discussed the microclimate of the forest, its role in mitigating climate change and the challenges forests face. At the end of the tour, the volunteers were also able to enjoy the ecosystem services of the forest: after resting for a few minutes, they could immerse themselves in the tranquillity of the forest, marvelling at its tiny wonders.

Photo:  Vivien Szlávik, Pál Bódis / WWF Hungary