Filed trip for the students of the University of Sopron

In the CLIMAFORCEELIFE project, the students of the University of Sopron took part in a study trip from 4 November to 6 November 2022 organized by WWF Hungary and the Kaán Károly Ökoklub. The topic of the study trip was “Climate adaptation opportunities in the Central-Eastern European region“. The trip which was led by Pál […]

The CLIMAFORCEELIFE project was presented at the LIFE innovates Climate Action platform event

The CLIMAFORCEELIFE project was presented at the LIFE innovates Climate Action platform event by Lukáš Bílek, monitoring coordinator of the project on behalf of the Czech University of Life Sciences. The event was co-organized by LIFE IP Coast to Coast Climate Challenge (C2C CC), the European Climate Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA) and NEEMO […]

The CLIMAFORCEELIFE project was presented at WWF Hungary’s volunteer training

On 15-16 October 2022, WWF Hungary organized its autumn volunteer training in Pénzesgyőr where the foundation’s volunteers got to know the CLIMAFORCEELIFE project. Pál Bódis, WWF Hungary’s Forest Program expert and project coordinator of the CLIMAFORCEEELIFE in Hungary, presented the project’s objectives. Afterwards, during a tour led by Pál Bódis, participants could learn about the […]

Climate-smart forest management in the western Cserhát Mountains

Within the CLIMAFORCEELIFE project, WWF Hungary works with four private forest owners from different regions of the country, who apply and test forest management measures can help forests to be more natural and increase their resilience. On 11 October 2022, Gábor Flamich, one of our private forest owner partners presented to members of the media […]

Training on “Impact of climate change on Forest areas”

On 29.09.2022, in the State Hunting Unit Vitoshko Studena a training was held on the topic “The impact of climate changes on forest areas”. Representatives of all Forestry Units of the SWSFE participated, who were familiar with the concept of climate changes and their impact on biodiversity in forest areas – drought, torrential rains, extreme […]

Training on modern methods of marking and thinning of coniferous plantation on an area of 1000 ha in Vitoshko-Studena Hunting, Radomir Forestry, Nevestino Forestry and Kyustendil Forestry

In 2020, Southwest State Enterprise, as an associated beneficiary, launched a project called LIFE19CCA/SK/001276 with the acronym “CLIMAFORCEELIFE” under the LIFE program of the EC for adaptation to climate changes. In the implementation of sub-activity: “Modern methods for thinning of coniferous plantations” in the Project, 1000 ha of white and black pine trees, in Vitoshko-Studena […]

3rd project meeting, hosted by the Czech University of Life Sciences

22-23 June 2022 – The 3rd project meeting of the CLIMAFORCEELIFE project took place on 22-23 June in Prague, hosted by the Czech University of Life Sciences. Project partners gathered to discuss the progress of the project since the project meeting held last June in Slovakia . The programme of the first day was the […]

First meeting and demonstration site visit for private forest owner partners in Hungary

17 June 2022 – WWF Hungary organized the first meeting for their private forest owner partners within the CLIMAFORCEELIFE project on 16-17 June 2022. The meeting took place in Bükkszék and Bátor. First the participants attended the presentation about how forests affect climate by László Báder, PhD candidate at the Budapest University of Technology and […]