The Impact of Climate Change on Forests Conference – Save the Date

Join us for an Opening Conference of our CLIMAFORCEELIFE, a cross-national project dedicated to Climate-Smart Forestry in CEE. The conference will be an integrated part of the 10th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR). Topics covered: Impacts of climate change on forests in CEE region Showcases of adaptation measures Strategies […]

Climate change forces Romania to adapt its forestry practices

Romania needs new technical solutions to protect its forests from the devastating effects of climate change, shows a WWF analysis within the ClimaFORCEE LIFE project. These solutions should then be promoted and implemented in its forestry practices, to limit the impact of extreme phenomena and to make disruptions manageable. Several extreme natural phenomena currently affect […]

WWF has explored forest areas that will be adapted to climate change

Climate change is having an increasing impact on our daily lives. This is clearly felt in the forestry sector, which takes care of the second largest carbon dioxide store on the planet – forests. In this regard, their adequate management is essential both for nature and for all of us. This is the goal of […]

First project monitoring visit in Slovakia

The first project monitoring meeting took place in Slovakia on 28 and 29 June. The meeting was hosted by WWF Slovakia and Forests of the Slovak Republic (LESY). In Slovakia, forest management activities take place in two project sites in sand dune pine forests and in spruce monocultures in Šaštín and Smolenice. Small-scale shelter wood […]

Cooperation in Central and Eastern Europe for Climate-resilient Forests

Bratislava/Bucharest/Budapest/Prague/Sofia, 21 March 2021 – Forests in Central and Eastern Europe region represent an important natural resource. Their importance will likely to increase in the near future, not just because of the growing demand for wood, but also due to increasing awareness about the different ecosystem services forests contribute to our health and wellbeing. The […]